Preview for December Patron Story: The Pigeon Lied – Part 2

Howdy!It’s almost that time again. Time for another Patron exclusive story! And here, to entice you to consider becoming a $3+ patron, is a sample from next month’s story.This is part two of my current short story in progress: The Pigeon Lied. In it, Rob is a small time thief involved with the Hell-adjacent criminal underground. In part one he was tasked by a possessed pigeon to kill someone named Hank-the-Hole. This turns out to be much more than he bargained for. In part to Hank sends him on a new mission to everyone’s favorite store for minimalist furniture: Stör.Now, on with the preview!

Really, I shoulda taken it all much more seriously. But my double encounter with Hank Havoline had left me exhausted. After hauling the couch out to the curb (I never wanted to touch that piece of fouled furniture again.) I fell into bed and didn’t stir again until noon the next day. The sound of someone hauling away that damned couch woke me from a dreamless sleep.I decided to skip breakfast after the image of Hank in his skivvies again assaulted my thoughts. Instead I left in search of a bus to take me toward Renton and the Cult of Squeak.The buses were fairly sparse between downtown Seattle and Renton. Usually I have to avoid a few buses due to rival factions. Officially I’m not part of any of the factions, factions being the Hell house sponsored organizations that feel the need to act violently territorial over everything. Many of them actively hate me too. I’ve stolen priceless relics and tomes from most of them. The young Paimon faction beat the shit out of me last month at a bus stop near Gasworks park. It was a Monday at 3am. I’d stolen their prized golden alter medallion. My rent is now paid through the next year due to the money I made from melting it down and spreading the gold across various markets in the region. I had enough left over to cover the medical bills from the beating and buy a stockpile of backup codeine.

to be continued…I you like what you see here be sure to become a patron today and don’t miss the next installment of The Pigeon Lied coming out December 9th. 

Meatball Image by AURELIE LUYLIER, You’re Welcome! from Pixabay


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