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100 Unusual Prompts for Writers of Horror, Weird, and Bizarro Fiction

Do you write fiction that tends to be a bit more ‘out there’ than most?

Do most writing prompt books just seem to be not for you?

Well, you are in luck! Here is a book of 100 writing prompts for us writers of “other” fiction, be it horror, Weird, or Bizarro with contributions from John Langan, Carlton Mellick III, Shane Hawk, and many more. Can’t think of something to write? Just flip to a page at random, and you will find all the inspiration you need.

Published May 2024
by Dark Forest Press LLC


Cats of the Pacific Northwest

David, an unsure young man, is trying to figure out how to be a “man” in the modern age. Well, at least what his girlfriend, Emma, expects of him.

When she suggests a backpacking trip out on the Olympic Penninsula, he jumps at the opportunity to demonstrate his worth. But, once they get out into the wilderness, they are quickly lost. Now they are out of food and beginning to starve, when a strange couple of cats cross their path.

Published July 2021
by Dark Forest Press LLC


‘Fuel and Fodder’

in HOWLs from the Scene of the Crime

Published May 2024
HOWL Society Press

‘I Wake Up’

on the Creepy Podcast

Published online March 2024

‘The Final Away Game’

in AHH! That’s What I Call Horror! An Anthology of ‘90s Horror

Published January 2023
by PIT

‘Ice Cream for the Birthday Girl’

in Writers’ Corner Anthology 2022

published January 2023
by Chuckanut Editions

‘The Pigeon Lied’

in HOWLs from Hell: A Horror Anthology

Published May 2021
by HOWL Society Press

‘Gustav Floats’

in Dim Shores Presents: Volume 2

Published February 2021
by Dim Shores

‘Cutter’s Daughter’

in Writers’ Corner Anthology 2018

published January 2018
by Chuckanut Editions