Joe Reviews: The Secret Name by Eve Harms

Howdy! How are all of y’all doing out there on the interwebs? I hope well.I’m doing great! Do you know why?Because I had the pleasure of reading The Secret Name by Eve Harms!”Haven’t heard of it”, you say. Well, let me fill you in.If you’re like me and love libraries and stories involving demonic possession, then you need this book in your life.The main character, Kendra Temples, is a typical down on her luck character who gets a once in a lifetime chance to curate a spooky library full of old books with a particularly interesting section on the occult.My only complaint is that it ended too soon. But, not to worry, a sequel is coming out soon. (And, I’ll let you all in on a little secret, I got to read an early copy. 

Hellcrafter: Kendra Temples: The Demonic Diaries Book 2

Just a heads up; I was given a review copy of this next book in exchange for an honest review.This one picks up awhile after the first book leaves off and it is just as fun, but for its own reasons. This installment has a much different style to it. Less of an Exorcist vibe and more of a Stephen King’s The Dark Tower feel mixed with Frank Herbert’s Dune.Also, there is an anthropomorphized goat character that is absolutely amazing. Wonderful comic which helps balance out the tense thrills filling this story to the brim.Please, do yourself a favor and pre-order this now, so that you can read it as soon as it is available.