PNW Photo of the Week – Bare Roots over the Path

It is time for this week’s Pacific North West Photo of the Week! It is called Bare Roots over the Path.

The Background

A few weeks ago I took on the longest and toughest hike I’d ever been on. The path was over 8 miles long, but, I’m proud to say, I made it through. Under a mile in I had to stop and catch my breath due to the very steep trail. There I looked down and saw a webbing of roots over the path with the ground worn away around it.This week’s image is of these roots spread across the trail in the middle of the forest.What adds to this image is the light. There was a beam of light streaming through the canopy above. I wanted to that light hitting the roots to be the center of the image. Also, I wanted an extremely low angle of view for this image. The texture of the small roots needed to feel like a large landscape across the image. So I got down to my knees with my pack on my back and framed the shot.The shot came out fairly well, I hope that you all like it as well. Do let me know in the comments below.If you would like to see more images of the Pacific North West be sure to check out past entries for the PNW Photo of the Week


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