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Joe’s Photo of the Week – Mt. Larrabee

Here is another hiking shot from the end of the fall hiking season up hear in Washington State. It was only a few weeks after this shot was taken when the snow rolled in, making many hikes in my area unreachable with my vehicle. I do not have 4 wheel drive. This is Mt Larrabee as seen from the top… Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – You Schmuck

This week I figured I’d share something a little different for my Photo of the Week. Living in the Pacific North West as many perks; and one of them is only being hours away from where The Goonies was filmed! Name that scene! Here are my wife and son standing outside of the jail, which a film museum. Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wanted to start this year off with a bang and share my very favorite recent shot. This was taken a couple months back at a night photography workshop I attended. The white light is a fellow photographer’s headlamp. All of the red light is also from the other photographer’s head lamps. I like the extra light,… Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Big Mushroom!

How is everybody doing out there in the world? I hope well. If not, this should cheer you up. Here’s this week’s Photo of the Week! This time I bring you a shot I took on a little mushroom photo tour with a local photography group. It was tons of fun, even though it was raining the whole time. But… Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Lake Diablo

Are you dreaming of warmer, more sunny days? Good! Because today’s Joe’s Photo of the Week is from back in sunny summertime. The family and I took a little road trip out east on I-20 just to see what was out there. This is one of the many stops we checked out that day. Lake Diablo!   Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Samish Overlook South

This week’s photo is from a spot fairly close to Bham. If you drive south on I-5 about 15 minutes than head west you’ll find the Samish Overlook. From here you can hike on up to the popular Oysterdome viewpoint, which I’ve yet to do. But the view from the parking area is amazing. This photo is the view looking… Read more →

Hiking the Heliotrope Ridge Trail

A Hike up for Glacial Views Hiking the Heliotrope Ridge Trail in the North Cascades. As an Okie, seeing a glacier was not something I was likely to see without traveling very very far. Even seeing substantial mountains in Oklahoma was not a real possibility. There were the Wichita Mountains down near Lawton but they were just a patch of… Read more →