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  • Just an Update

    Wow. Life is crazy right now. Isn’t it? I’ve had less and less time to create content for my blog as of late. Too many projects. Too much anxiety. Sometimes I need a break where I binge watch some series over a weekend with my family. And, unfortunately, my blog is the first thing to…

  • Excelsior! Goals for 2020



    A decade has ended and it is time to look forward and plan for the future, again. Unfortunately, I didn’t do too great with my goals from 2019. 2019 Goals Improve my writing Set a regular writing regimen Lose weight Review every book I read Go backpacking Really, the only one of these I accomplished…

  • Halloween 2019 – The Update!

    Howdy! It is officially the best time of year: Halloween! I love it when all of my social feeds get flooded with awesome spooky content.So what’s going on with me? Well, a few things. Patreon Adventures Yes. I still have a Patreon. If you have a mighty need for more stupefying fiction, that is the…

  • The Update – September

    Wow, my blogging habit is really dropping off. But I’m okay with that. If only there were another few hours in the day.But enough on that. Let me fill you in on the latest of stuff and things!First, some exciting news. I’ve collected a few rejections on a couple stories recently. But I didn’t let…

  • The Update – August 2019



    It is time for yet another edition of ‘The Update’! (Cue breaking news music) The Reading First let’s bring up my most recent open mic at the local indie bookstore. Most others who there read their poetry on local nature, memories, and literary fiction. My reading definitely stands out. I read my story involving cats…

  • The Update – July 2019

    It is time for The Update for July 2019!July is a big month for me. Not only do I turn 36 this month, but as of July 31st I will have been married to my smart and beautiful wife for 15 years! That is a very large percentage of the time I’ve been alive and…

  • Happy Independence Day!



    It’s July 4th. And here in the USA that means it is Independence Day.I hope you all have the chance to spend some time with family and enjoy some fireworks.At least, that is my plan for the day.

  • The Update – June 2019

    Lately I seem to have been more busy than usual. Between work, writing projects, and life in general I didn’t have the time to put together a blog post for last week. I don’t really have the time for this week either, so I figured I would put together a little update on my creative…

  • By Golly, The PNW is Awesome! And Here’s Why – Part 2: The Olympic Peninsula



    I think it is time for another post on why it is so awesome to live in the Pacific Northwest. In my other post I filled you all in on the stupendous weather of the region. This time I want to talk about a personal obsession: The Olympic Peninsula.I’ve talked about the Olympic Peninsula a…