The Update – September

Wow, my blogging habit is really dropping off. But I’m okay with that. If only there were another few hours in the day.But enough on that. Let me fill you in on the latest of stuff and things!First, some exciting news. I’ve collected a few rejections on a couple stories recently. But I didn’t let that get me down. I’ve already done another revision and submitted them both back out to the wild. I should hear back by the end of November on whether or not they get accepted. I’m excited to get them back out there, no matter the result. I can feel that I’m improving with every revision and new story.My current novel in progress in slowly coming along. I’ve gotten through chapter 2 and am brainstorming ideas for the next. Chapter 2 goes out to my $3+ patrons next month. (Be sure to sign up if you want to read it.) I posted a little preview here last week: check it out!I’m also starting a new short story at the moment. Here’s the hook:

When I returned home I found the corpulent man, whose throat I’d slit ear to ear only ten minutes prior and left to bleed out in the diner parking lot, just as the pigeon had commanded, sitting on my couch watching television in the dark.

What do you think? So far I’m calling it ‘The Pigeon Lied’. Yet again, it is another story my son would refer to as ‘inappropriate’.In other news, be sure to watch this website. I’m working on setting up a newsletter. Be sure and sign up! It’s free! And will be the first place I share pertinent news with my intrepid fans.I think that is all I will give you all this month. Stay tuned! And keep reading horror!


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