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Joe’s Photo of the Week – Lake Diablo

Are you dreaming of warmer, more sunny days? Good! Because today’s Joe’s Photo of the Week is from back in sunny summertime. The family and I took a little road trip out east on I-20 just to see what was out there. This is one of the many stops we checked out that day. Lake Diablo!   Read more →

Hiking the Heliotrope Ridge Trail

A Hike up for Glacial Views Hiking the Heliotrope Ridge Trail in the North Cascades. As an Okie, seeing a glacier was not something I was likely to see without traveling very very far. Even seeing substantial mountains in Oklahoma was not a real possibility. There were the Wichita Mountains down near Lawton but they were just a patch of… Read more →

PNW Photo of the Week – Raptor Ridge Trail

From here in Bellingham I have access to a lot of amazing hiking trails. Just over an hour east and there are trails crawling over the North Cascades surrounding Mt. Baker. But there are also trails right here in and around the city of Bellingham. A large system of trails called North Chuckanut Trail System borders the south edge of… Read more →

PNW Photo of the Week – Wave Interference

Welcome back for another Pacific North West Photo of the Week! Last week I gave you an amazing image of Mt. Saint Helens. And that mountain is huge. I hope that the image conveyed at least a little of the hugeness I experienced when I was there taking the picture. This week I’m giving you something completely different on the… Read more →

Mount Saint Helens, the volcano which erupted in 1980

PNW Photo of the Week – Mount St Helens

Last week I shared an image of the local volcano. Mount Baker stands to the east of Bellingham, and can be seen on clear days between the trees. It is a very large and beautiful mountain. But there is another volcano to the south. One that erupted very recently, well, recent in geologic terms. I am talking about Mount St.… Read more →

3 Mast Ship

PNW Photo of the Week – Masts, Ropes, and Sails

Howdy everybody! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time to go back to work for the week, for many of us. But, hey… It’s only another 5 days of work until the next weekend. Up here in Washington State the family and I tend to get out and about each weekend and explore more and more of our surrounding area.… Read more →