PNW Photo of the Week – Fern Repetition

It’s time for this week’s edition of the PNW Photo of the Week!Last week’s entry was a black and white photo.And guess what!…This week I have another black and white photo for you. I love how black and white images have different focal points. As an artist you can use color to control the image or to try and convey something. But with black and white only we are allowed fewer tools to achieve the same amount of impact.Some of these tools are: contrast, texture, and form.We have all of these tools in color photography as well, but they are used alongside saturation and interplay of color.This week’s image is called:

Fern Repetition

I found this particular fern frond on a little walk I took through a small local park. There is no shortage parks and nature trails here, even within Bellingham. (BHam for short)Ferns are definitely not like other plants, they’ve been around for a very long time. A predominant feature of these is their leaf pattern. Also, note the “sporangia” along the bottom of each leaf. These tiny black spots each contain many spores to help the fern propagate.The little fuzzy bits caught on the edge of some of the leaves are part of the plant. There were many webs floating around in the air that evening, and they were getting caught on everything. But I loved how the evening light was shimmering through these tiny strands. They create a sort of halo effect.Black and White Macro shot of Fern Frond


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