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Joe’s Photo of the Week – Shipwreck

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Shipwreck

Here’s a shot from our little anniversary trip out to the Oregon Coast.

Just west of Warrenton, OR is a little beach with the Shipwreck of Peter Iredale.

It is a gorgeous beach, but this decaying boat steals the show.


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PNW Photo of the Week – Mount Baker

PNW Photo of the Week – Mount Baker

Yay! It’s time for another Pacific North West Photo of the Week!

I’m excited. How about you?

I hope you’ve been liking the black and white photos, because this week, I have one more for you.

This week I bring you…

Mount Baker

I shoot digital, so all of my images are initially in color. This gives me the choice at processing time:

Does this work better as a color or black and white image?

Most of the time I end up going with color. I do love color photography. But sometimes the color in an image does not add anything to it.

In this case there were greens in the foreground trees and very muted early sunset colors painting the western slope. But the true star of this photo is the volcano; the sharp jut of stone and ice hoisting through the clouds.

I felt the contrast of the fluffy clouds, smooth white glaciers and snow fields, and ultra dark stone and trees told more of a story.

I hope you like this week’s image, and I promise next week’s shot will be in color.

Mount Baker

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PNW Photo of the Week – Fern Repetition

PNW Photo of the Week – Fern Repetition

It’s time for this week’s edition of the PNW Photo of the Week!

Last week’s entry was a black and white photo.

And guess what!…

This week I have another black and white photo for you. I love how black and white images have different focal points. As an artist you can use color to control the image or to try and convey something. But with black and white only we are allowed fewer tools to achieve the same amount of impact.

Some of these tools are: contrast, texture, and form.

We have all of these tools in color photography as well, but they are used alongside saturation and interplay of color.

This week’s image is called:

Fern Repetition

I found this particular fern frond on a little walk I took through a small local park. There is no shortage parks and nature trails here, even within Bellingham. (BHam for short)

Ferns are definitely not like other plants, they’ve been around for a very long time. A predominant feature of these is their leaf pattern. Also, note the “sporangia” along the bottom of each leaf. These tiny black spots each contain many spores to help the fern propagate.

The little fuzzy bits caught on the edge of some of the leaves are part of the plant. There were many webs floating around in the air that evening, and they were getting caught on everything. But I loved how the evening light was shimmering through these tiny strands. They create a sort of halo effect.

Black and White Macro shot of Fern Frond

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PNW Photo of the Week – Masts, Ropes, and Sails

PNW Photo of the Week – Masts, Ropes, and Sails

Howdy everybody! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time to go back to work for the week, for many of us.

But, hey…

It’s only another 5 days of work until the next weekend. Up here in Washington State the family and I tend to get out and about each weekend and explore more and more of our surrounding area. We’ve lived up here a few months now and there is still so much to do and see before the wet season begins.

On a weekend awhile back we went on a little trip to the San Juan Islands. You’ve already seen a few different shots from this trip, but this one is a bit different.

This week’s image is called…

Masts, Ropes, and Sails

There are so many sail boats out here on the Puget Sound. But very few of them are as stunning as this one. This three mast ship is called Lady Washington. You can learn more about this awesome boat here:

This boat calls Aberdeen, WA home but I spotted it on the docks of Friday Harbor on our San Juan Islands trip.

Here are some fun facts about the Lady Washington:

  • It is 112 feet long.
  • Has about 6 miles of rigging rope.
  • Has 4,442 square feet of sail.
  • And it was one of the boats used in the filming of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

This shot is a fun capture of all of the different rigging and masts. I love all of the different lines constantly leading your eye across the image. It is not hard to believe there are 6 miles of rope on this vessel after seeing this.

3 Mast Ship

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