Patreon Story Preview for November: The Pigeon Lied – Part 1

Hello all of you awesome people out there! It is time for a little peek at next month’s story going out to my $3+ patrons. If you like what you read here be sure to sign up by the end of the month so that you can get the whole thing next month.Without further delay here is a little preview of my new short story:

The Pigeon LiedAll I wanted was the hat. That damned pigeon promised me a stupendous hat; one better than my father’s. His was an old bowler made with the leather of someone damned to Hell for apathy and adorned with a black harpy feather. Such a fine hat signifies the support of the infernal house of Azazel, general of Pandemonium’s armies. My father had respect because of that hat and he always made sure I knew it was his and not mine. Never would be mine neither; that bastard.I shoulda known better when the pigeon wouldn’t tell me which house he represented.“Pay no mind,” he said in a tiny Italian Goodfellas voice. “You’ll get what you’re after. You just gotta kill this guy first. That’s all. Easy peasy.” The possessed bird then shit on the ground and promptly flew off, leaving me to my new assignment.

Like I mentioned above, if you are intrigued and want to read more, become a $3+ patron today so you can get more of this in a couple weeks.


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