Joe’s Photo of the Week – Moonlit Beach

Welcome to another Joe’s Photo of the Week! This week I give you:Moonlit BeachThat bright spot in the sky you see; it’s not the sun. That is the full moon shining down from a twilight sky and reflecting back from a little tide pool.I love night photography. So I recently, when my family and I took a little trip down to Oregon, I took my camera out to the beach after sunset. This shot was taken on a beach in Fort Stevens State Park. This is due west of Astoria, OR (town of Goonies fame).In the distance it looks like a shiny sunset, but it’s just more of the moon’s light reflecting off of the Pacific Ocean. You can still see some of the pink sunset color still fading in the sky above some far off clouds, but the sun had gone down long before this shot was taken.Let me know if you like this shot in the comments below.And be sure to come back next Monday for the next Joe’s Photo of the Week!


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