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USAO Iron Pour

Last November I was lucky enough to experience an iron pouring event. It was amazing seeing all of the work that goes into preparing the crucible and melting down the iron before pouring the molten metal into the molds. Here are a couple shots from the event. Read more →

The Effect of Lens Compression on Portraits

Hello photographers! Today I want to talk a bit about lens compression and how it affects portrait photography. First of all let’s define lens compression: Lens compression is the apparent compression of space between the foreground and background caused by a combination of changing the lens focal length and the distance from the photographer to the subject. This sounds really… Read more →

Fun at the County Fair

Last night I got to try out a new filter. It is called the Cinemorph filter. This is an amazing little filter that stretches your bokeh vertically a bit, making it seem more like something captured by a lens used for letter box cinema. It also has a bit of fishing line down the middle of it which causes a… Read more →