Fun at the County Fair

Last night I got to try out a new filter. It is called the Cinemorph filter. This is an amazing little filter that stretches your bokeh vertically a bit, making it seem more like something captured by a lens used for letter box cinema. It also has a bit of fishing line down the middle of it which causes a really intense lens flare (J. J. Abrams style). In the one night out at the fair I’ve learned a lot of it’s limitations and how to take advantages of it’s little quirks. In the future I will do a full review post on the Vid Atlantic Cinemorph filter.But for now, here are my pictures from last night:I love this shot. The exposure started with the boy on the swing starting on the right. Than as the exposure continued he whipped around the the red of the swing seat blurred as it sped by. Also notice the tasty lens flare at the top. It is a nice complement to the horizontal red streak.And here is the obligatory ferris wheel shot. No carnival, nor photo walk in a carnival, is complete without the ferris wheel. I still find it interesting that the colors make up geometric shapes as the wheel twirls. This has something to do with how digital sensors record data. In a film capture of the same subject, the colors would just be streaks of light.This trashcan was just creepy. I mean, murder you in your sleep, creepy.This group of young folks wanted a candid shot.And we will close out with the murderous trashcan.I hope you enjoyed this post.If you would like to see more please help out by purchasing some of my work here: you for stopping by,Your Photographer FriendJoe Donley


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