Joe’s Photo of the Week – Moonlit Beach

Welcome to another Joe’s Photo of the Week! This week I give you: Moonlit Beach That bright spot in the sky you see; it’s not the sun. That is the full moon shining down from a twilight sky and reflecting back from a little tide pool. I love night photography. So I recently, when my […]

PNW Photo of the Week – Raptor Ridge Trail

From here in Bellingham I have access to a lot of amazing hiking trails. Just over an hour east and there are trails crawling over the North Cascades surrounding Mt. Baker. But there are also trails right here in and around the city of Bellingham. A large system of trails called North Chuckanut Trail System […]

Justin Cronin on Characterization

Recently I stumbled across an interview with Justin Cronin, author of horror bestseller The Passage, on YouTube. ( In it he said this: I have one rule with characters. I have to know what they’re not telling anybody. If I know what they’re not telling anybody, I really know who they are. This is great […]

PNW Photo of the Week – Wave Interference

Welcome back for another Pacific North West Photo of the Week! Last week I gave you an amazing image of Mt. Saint Helens. And that mountain is huge. I hope that the image conveyed at least a little of the hugeness I experienced when I was there taking the picture. This week I’m giving you […]