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Joe’s Photo of the Week – Big Mushroom!

How is everybody doing out there in the world? I hope well. If not, this should cheer you up. Here’s this week’s Photo of the Week! This time I bring you a shot I took on a little mushroom photo tour with a local photography group. It was tons of fun, even though it was raining the whole time. But… Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Back Trail Waterfall

Guess what time it is… Its Joe’s Photo of the Week time! Yeah! And this time I have a wonderful shot for you from the first time I hiked Heliotrope Ridge. After the first major creek crossing, the trail goes up and up steeply for a ways, following the creek you just crossed upstream. After a bit you come across… Read more →

Joe’s Photo of the Week – Branch and Mountain

It’s time for, yet another, Joe’s Photo of the Week! This week I give you a picture with it’s focus flopped around. Usually, picturesque mountains in photographs are the center of attention, but in this shot I wanted to blur out the background mountain and put your full attention on the evergreen branch floating in front. Read more →

Mount Baker

PNW Photo of the Week – Mount Baker

Yay! It’s time for another Pacific North West Photo of the Week! I’m excited. How about you? I hope you’ve been liking the black and white photos, because this week, I have one more for you. This week I bring you… Mount Baker I shoot digital, so all of my images are initially in color. This gives me the choice… Read more →

A closeup look of scaley pine leaves.

PNW Photo of the Week July 10, 2017 – Forest View

It’s time for the third installment of my Pacific North West Photo of the Week! Not every shot needs to be of a sweeping landscape with a forest, mountains, and grandiose vistas. Sometimes we need to look up close at the things around us in order to fully appreciate our setting. This week I present an image to you that… Read more →