Joe Reviews: Black Hammer Vol 3 – Age of Doom part 1

If you are looking for comic series that is different from everything else out there, then look no further. Black Hammer is a title worth reading. I think this series and possible spin offs could be Dark Horse’s new feature title, after Hellboy.Jeff Lemire has created characters that are reminiscent of other super hero comic characters but with interesting twists. He is not copying other’s work, but honoring them. For instance, in this volume there is a blatant throwback to the Endless characters of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. Instead of Dream, Desire, Destiny, and Death we have the Storyteller, Romance, Time, and Mystery. Lemire also makes a quick reference to another of his titles, Sweet Tooth.I’m sure there are many other references to past comic literature, but I’m not very well read in this medium.There are also a couple slyly name characters referencing classic rockers: Jack Sabbath (Black Sabbath) and Lonnie James (Ronnie James Dio).If you liked titles like the Sandman or Hellboy, do give this series and look. It is well worth your time, and it looks like the creators and Dark Horse are in this story line for the long haul.


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