How I Live Better With My Bullet Journal



I’ve now been using my Bullet Journal for almost a year. But why do I bullet journal?


It is how I get things done. It helps to keep me on track and keeps my day to day tasks in front of me and in mind. If not for this system I would never be able to keep track of everything. It helps me be a more efficient employee at my day job, keep track of family commitments and activities, and juggle my handful of creative projects.


Also, a bullet journal is very flexible. I’m sure most have seen the ridiculously beautiful examples of bullet journals and elaborate ‘tracking pages’ on social sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Do not let these discourage you. At it’s most simple implementation, bullet journaling is sparse. I am not a talented illustrator or painter, so my pages are not colorful. Instead, my pages are straight lines and legible.As time goes by I like to try out new things. Bujo is great for this, since, essentially, you always begin with a blank page. It can be whatever you need!

After over 10 months I have completely filled my first journal. At the beginning of April I transferred into a new one and plan to apply things that have worked for me and to try new things.If there is interest I may share a few photos of some of my layouts and go over some of the reasoning behind them.If you are interested in getting started with your own BuJo, be sure to start simple. Only begin with the rules: do not recommend getting sucked into the flood of beautiful layouts and alternative rules. At least not until after you’ve learned and internalized the basics. Then, once you are comfortable with this, only make small changes.

Do you BuJo? What are your favorite things about the system. Let me know in the comments down below.  

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels


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