Month: January 2019

Vikings vs Vampires

Vikings vs Vampires: Modern Culture in Medieval Saga

Recently I was reading through American Fantastic Tales, edited by Peter Straub and came across a story called ‘Grettir at Thorhall-stead’. At first I didn’t think much of it, it read sort of like a pulp version of a viking saga. But then, BOOM, vampire! This is a story about a flippin’ viking fighting a mother flippin’ vampire! After finishing… Read more →

Ptarmigan Ridge in the fog looked like an other world.

I Hate Not Finishing Books

As the title says: I hate not finishing books. Up until the last couple of years it was rare that I would put down any book before finishing it. It wasn’t that I felt obligated to finish the books, I genuinely wanted to know how they ended. Since I’ve started taking writing more seriously (and my reading time has become… Read more →


Onward! Goals for 2019

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you out there on the wild internets. 2018 has ended and 2019 is only beginning. And so, without further distraction, I want to share a succinct list of my goals for the new year. Improve my writing. I will actively continue seeking out and practicing ways to improve my craft. Figure… Read more →