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  • Joe’s Photo of the Week – Sunglasses Lakes!

    Here is another shot from that hike up Winchester Mountain. These are the Twin Lakes. From the top of Winchester they look like a pair of sunglasses. My car is parked in the lot between those two lakes.

  • Joe’s Photo of the Week – Mt. Larrabee

    Here is another hiking shot from the end of the fall hiking season up hear in Washington State. It was only a few weeks after this shot was taken when the snow rolled in, making many hikes in my area unreachable with my vehicle. I do not have 4 wheel drive.This is Mt Larrabee as…

  • Hiking Winchester Mountain

    A month or so ago I tried out a new hike in the area. Winchester Mountain This was about a 2 mile out a back trail that takes you up to the peak of Winchester Mountain. On this peak sits an old, refurbished, fire lookout.The trail itself isn’t too difficult. It’s all up, but it’s…

  • Joe’s Photo of the Week – Branch and Mountain

    It’s time for, yet another, Joe’s Photo of the Week!This week I give you a picture with it’s focus flopped around. Usually, picturesque mountains in photographs are the center of attention, but in this shot I wanted to blur out the background mountain and put your full attention on the evergreen branch floating in front.