February Crazy Awesome Stuff from the Internet!

February Crazy Awesome Stuff from the Internet!

It's that time again. What time? Time for crazy awesome stuff from around the internet! This is the post where I share with you three ultra interesting things I've come across online in the past month

The Links!

First up I give you a reminder of why the internet and technology is ultra scary.

Meltdown and Spectre, the big PC security flaws hidden in your devices, explained

Your super fast and new devices could be easy targets for nefarious cyber folks

Next I give you the dystopian future of big brother watching your every move and grading you on your level of good citizenship. Say good things about the government and your 'citizenship score' goes up and you may have access to better loans and government programs. But if you say disparaging things your score goes down. This could affect your ability to buy cars and even sway the decisions of possible suitors. No self respecting citizen in good standing would want to risk dating someone with a lower 'citizenship' score.

This sounds like something right out of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley or 1984 by George Orwell; but it is the very near future for China:

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens

And finally, here is a fun article on the intelligence of dolphins:

Why dolphins are deep thinkers

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January Stuff From the Internet!

January Stuff From the Internet!

It’s time for this month’s collections of cool stuff I’ve come across on the internet.

Modern History of Horror and Weird Fiction

First up this month is an essay on the history of modern horror and weird fiction written by my very favorite author: Laird Barron. Laird has been a driving influence in the genre of horror and weird fiction for the past decade. Be sure to check out his thoughts on how the genre has come to where it is today:

The World For Millenials

It is easy for folks of previous generations to poke fun at us millenials. Us and our coffees and artisan firewood.But it’s not all sunshine and avocados, those previous generations have left behind a world that is not conducive to success for us and following generations. This next article is a very long read, but it is well researched, and the graphics are amazing. Give it a read:

Millenials Are Screwed

Family For Hire

One of my favorite email subscriptions is the eNewsletter Glitchet. Every week I get a shot of news from around the internet relating to all things cyber and scary. A recent issue did not disappoint when it give me this gem:

The Booming Japanese Rent-a-Friend Business –

This article was genuinely disturbing. In it they interview a man working for a company that rents out actors to pretend to be family or friends. In one of the examples the actor is in a long term contract to act as a father to a child who’s real father abandoned them early on. For years this actor is being paid to show up daily and act as a father to this child. This is so horrifying to me. As the actor, what do you do when the child is old enough to start figuring things out? Think on that for awhile.

Well, I think that is all for this month. I’ll scrounge up some more goodies for next time.

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Awesome Stuff from the Internet – December Edition

Awesome Stuff from the Internet – December Edition

This month’s first thing from the world wide web is something that has helped my productivity in both my day job and my writing.


I know I listed this last time, but it really is that awesome, and has had a major influence on my own productivity.

This is just a simple timer. The idea is that you can force yourself to do something for 25 minutes. And once you’ve done that, what’s another 25 minutes? Plus Tomato! This is an oversimplified explanation of the Pomodoro productivity technique.

Go here if you’d like to learn more: here if you’d like to learn more: 

Skyrocket Your Daily Word Count

Last month, during NaNoWriMo, someone mentioned an awesome article in the forums. (Thanks Corey!) In it Rachel Aaron talks about how she went from 2,000 words a day to 10,000 words a day. I know, this sounds insane. But she has some great points. I’m trying to apply some of them to my own writing routine. Sitting down and thinking through what I plan to write before starting a writing session really does help.

Do you have any tools or tricks that you use to stay productive?

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