Joe Reviews: Doctor Star

Yep, another graphic novel. Now, I’m not a huge comic fan. I’ve never been into super hero comics, but there are a few titles that I absolutely love, and the Black Hammer series is one of them. Doctor Star is a story set in the same universe.I was a little disappointed that the story was tangential and not directly related to the main Black Hammer arc. I wanted more back story on those other characters. This story ended up being about the ambition and regret of a sort of related ‘golden age’ super hero. In it we are treated to the amazing accomplishments of the main character, but also to the consequences of him chasing these accomplishments to the detriment of his family.The art is wonderful, as is the story, which is heartbreaking. If you are looking for something you can read in a sitting without feeling the need to read piles and piles of other comics for background first, give Doctor Star a try.


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