Book Review: Beach Bodies by Nick Kolakowski

This billionaire’s luxury doomsday bunker has everything: spectacular ocean views, a full-service kitchen, three bedrooms, a broadband connection, and concrete thick enough to keep any kind of horror out.

Today, the bunker’s caretakers are about to discover those concrete walls are good—too good—at keeping them trapped with the horrors inside. Twenty feet below the world’s most beautiful beach, they’ll face the ultimate evil—one that transcends death itself.

The new novella, Beach Bodies by Nick Kolakowski, is a wild read that only dives deeper into the strange as you flip page after page. A definite fun read with major WTF moments. There’s one flashback in particular involving a sex toy and an ER trip that will forever be burned into my brain.


A caretaker and her on again off again boyfriend are living in a bunker on a remote island. The pay is good as long she asks no questions. Then a group of mysterious trespassers arrive and things go downhill from there.


Kolakowski explores the depths of damage a relationship can take and still survive in this twist on the home invasion story. He also pushes the limit the gross-out in fiction. There were a couple points I had to set the e-reader down and take a break.


Beach Bodies is shocking and original. The previously mentioned gross-outs were top notch and stomach churning. So, be forewarned to go in on this one with an empty stomach. Also, both the bunker and island beach settings were very vivid. Somehow, even outdoors on the island felt stifling and gave me feelings of claustrophobia.


If you’re looking for something that will give you some shocks and throw fun and interesting twists your way, then be sure to check out Beach Bodies by Nick Kolakowski. I’ve never ready anything else like it.

I give this one a solid 4 out of 5 stars.