Month: June 2019

Joe’s Writing Tips: A Correction

So, in my last writing tips post I stated that editing is better than writing. Now that that post is live on the internet forever, I have slightly changed my opinion. I’ve refined it. Here is a more accurate statement: Revising is better than writing the first draft. I said editing before, but what I really meant was revising. Because,… Read more →

Woman standing on ceiling

July 2019 Patron Story Preview – Gustav Floats: Part 2

July is approaching which means I’m about to release part 2 of Gustav Floats (a short story) for my $3+ patrons. Here is an enticing preview to lure you in. This is the second part of the first story of two which feature a patron of mine. Don’t you want to find out what happens to them? You don’t want… Read more →

The Prop Skulls

The Update – June 2019

Lately I seem to have been more busy than usual. Between work, writing projects, and life in general I didn’t have the time to put together a blog post for last week. I don’t really have the time for this week either, so I figured I would put together a little update on my creative happenings. Preparing for Story Submission… Read more →