The Update – September 2018

The Update – September 2018

Summer is coming to a close and the trees are already beginning to change color out here in the woodsy wilds of Northwest Washington State. Since my last update a few things have happened. The big news is (drum roll please) I made it into the Village Books Writer’s Corner anthology. It will come out towards the end of the year and it will be my very first published fiction. I’m beyond excited and am ready to hold a physical book containing something I wrote.

Other good news: I’ve broken through my writers block. Having completely let go of my Camp Nanowrimo project (at least for now), my writer self has been free to work on another short story. I think it will be a short story, though it may grow into a novella; we’ll just see how it goes. For this project I’ve decided to try and hand write the first draft, and it seems to be going well. I’ve already finished the first two parts, and there are still another two parts to go. Part one has already been typed and presented to my writing group with unanticipated praise.

It feels awesome making progress on a creative endeavor again, yet I am still seeking a wy to earn a bit of extra money with these efforts. To help with this I’ve signed up for an evening class on editing which takes place next month. I’m already getting some practice for this in my writing group, why not make a little money on the side?

I’m also toying with some other ideas; like possibly resurrecting my Patreon account with a monthly short story and/or an editing service, or a new webzine covering weird fiction. Over the coming months I’ll continue developing these ideas and see where it takes me.

I know that I am still at the very beginning of my career as a writer, but I feel like I am making more and more progress with each little success. I just need to keep pushing and making weekly progress on my writing projects.

Stay tuned here to keep up with these projects.

Wish me luck!

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The Update – April 2018

The Update – April 2018

Another month, another update.

It's been awhile since my last post, I've not had as much time to create content for my site. Between work and trying to find time for writing projects I've had to neglect the blog. I've even shut down my Patreon for the month.

But I have not been idle.

Anthology Madness

I've yet to be published, but now I have not one, but two separate opportunities to get in anthologies.

The first is the Writer's Corner anthology, put together from the best writings from the multiple writing groups at Village Books, a local independent book store. I'm about halfway through a first draft for about a 4,000 word story. This story is set near the logging town of Forks, WA out on the Olympic Peninsula, and involves murder and retribution.

The second is an anthology some friends and I are working on. For this one I'm putting a ton of work into world and setting development, as I plan to use this new story universe for many short stories and possibly novellas and novels. All I'll say is it's a version of Earth with supernatural problems and a substantially higher sea level.

A New Group

In other news, I'm also in the process of starting a new fiction workshop group. I love the one I'm in over at Village Books, David does an amazing job of facilitating, but it has grown too large. At the last meeting there were 20 writers present. This is a lot of people for one group, even with 15 active submitting members each person is only getting read about once every two months.

And so, with David's blessing, I am working with the store owner to create a second 'official' fiction group. We're still working out the final details before we kick off the inaugural meeting.

So, as usual, there is an inordinate amount on my plate. Hopefully in the near future I will get things under control and begin to post more frequently. For now I will settle with posting when I am able. Be on the lookout in the coming months for info on a Patreon reboot.

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