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June 2019 Patron Story Preview – Gustav Floats: Part 1

It is almost June which means I’m about to release a new story for my $3+ patrons. Here is an enticing preview to lure you in. This is the first part of the first story of two which feature a patron of mine. Don’t you want to find out what happens to them? You don’t want to let this one float away. I call this one: ‘Gustav Floats’


Gustav Floats

Gustav could no longer ignore the decapitated bodies falling from the sky when a corpse smashed into the sidewalk before him. This should not have surprised him. Infected bodies had rained down for two months and two days by that point. The monotony of it became normal and life carried on.

He hadn’t gone out for a run since the government had shut down the roads and trapped them in the small town of Navidson Glen, but he needed to calm his nerves. He could not understand why Jon, his boyfriend of three years, would consider attempting to make a run through the barrier, and he told him so. Many times. He loved Jon, and did not want to see him killed like the handful of others who had already tried. Gustav did not think Jon’s smile, as beguiling as it was, would convince those trigger happy soldiers to let him through.

Gustav stared at the crumpled mass of bone and flesh before him as he gasped for air and his heart raced. He’d never been close to one of the fallen corpses. The government men in marshmallow suits were normally quick to clear them away. They took the bodies to groupings of bleached circus tents of varying sizes set up outside the quarantine borders.

He expected a squad of marshmallow men to descend upon the scene, but the streets were empty. A sputtering sound gurgled from the mass as a bubble of blood formed on the severed neck. He was morbidly hypnotized by the bubble, growing almost imperceptibly slow.

It was then that thoughts of infection and contamination percolated in the back of his mind. His muscles tensed, ready to run, when the red bubble popped. The wet spatter reminded him of the sting of popped soap bubbles getting in his eye as a child. The soap bubbles only stung for a minute but did no permanent damage. The spatter of the red bubble would not be so innocuous. He felt it land in his eye and mix with his own tears before he gained self control, leapt over the body, and sprinted down the sidewalk.

How long until he too floated off into the sky, to whatever was up there decapitating the weightless bodies?


To get the rest of part 1 on Monday June 10th be sure to become a $3+ patron by the end of this month. You will never believe the heights to which this story reaches.

If you pledge $3+ by the end of June you will get both parts 1&2 on Monday July 8th.

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