July 2019 Patron Story Preview – Gustav Floats: Part 2

July is approaching which means I’m about to release part 2 of Gustav Floats (a short story) for my $3+ patrons. Here is an enticing preview to lure you in. This is the second part of the first story of two which feature a patron of mine. Don’t you want to find out what happens to them? You don’t want to let this one float away. I call this one: ‘Gustav Floats’

Gustav Floats: Part 2

The next morning Gustav woke to the smell of cooked bacon and the sound of a metal spatula scraping a cast iron pan rung throughout the house. He rubbed the dried blood from his cheek, crawled from his sleeping bag, and let it fall to the bed below. A wave of relief rushed through him. Infection never took affect more than a few hours after exposure. He turned the bedroom door handle and walked into the darkened living room; the thick curtains were very effective at keeping out morning light and prying eyes.

A wedge of yellow light streamed over the couch from the kitchen where he could hear Taylor whistling ‘It’s Raining Men’. He fought back an urge to run in and hug her head and moved into the kitchen with caution. He stood clear of the spinning ceiling fan they rarely turned on anymore. It swung just above ankle height and the first time one of the wood slats maliciously struck his fibula he let out a yell loud enough to spook Dodger. The little monkey ran screeching through the house before he bolted out the dog door.

“A little inappropriate, don’t you think? It’s raining women and children out there to,” said Gustav testing the waters.

“That’s the first song that popped into my head this morning. I thought it extremely appropriate, given our circumstances.” She snickered. It wasn’t her usual boisterous laugh.

“Taylor,” said Gustav. “I’m glad you’re still on the ground.”

“Yep.” She flipped an egg cooking next to a few strips of bacon. “You want this over easy?”

“I’ll take whatever you’re cooking.” Gustav sat on a crate he’d nailed to the ceiling the week before and watched Taylor cook. He could not stop smiling.

Dodger came in from the back yard holding a gold watch.

“I think Dodger’s been going through the neighbor’s houses again,” said Gustav.

Taylor scolded Dodger, “We’ve talked about this. Give it!” She held out her hand as the capuchin skulked forward. With a tiny paw he dropped the watch into her free hand, her other unsuccessfully attempting to hold the spatula over the pan. Spots of grease dripped onto the surrounding stove top and linoleum flooring. “No more of this. We don’t want any more trouble with Robert and his damned dog.”

Dodger bared his fangs in a monkey smile and backed away wringing his hands before zipping back out the dog door, most likely to pilfer something from another nearby house.

It wasn’t until Taylor was setting a plated strip of bacon and fried egg up on Gustav’s high shelf that they could hear the barking out back. Gustav stretched his neck to get a good view out the kitchen window. First he saw Dodger zip past, closely followed by Robert’s Jack Russell terrier at full sprint, nipping at the end of the monkey’s tail.

“That rat bastard!” she yelled as she sprinted toward the back door, grabbing the her bat leaning nearby before bursting out into the back yard. She ran after the dog, chasing Dodger in circles. Gustav soon saw Robert closing in on Taylor.

To get part 1 and the rest of part 2 on Monday July 8th be sure to become a $3+ patron by the end of this month. You will never believe the heights to which this story reaches.

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